F tehnik is a Slovene business specialising in the development and production of different types of filters. From the very beginning taking into account the growing requirements of the environmental protection and greater awareness of the harmful effects on environment we continuously endeavour to find the best solutions of air filtration. With our many year experience and successful performance we are trustworthy business partner to all companies dealing with problems of air filtration. We are proud of fact that more than 90% of our filters are subject to first installation.

Main fields of our operation:
  • Dust-extraction in industry under different filtration conditions (dust-extraction systems, sand blasting machines, flame and laser cutters, paint chambers…),
  • Filtration of air in dust suction systems – industrial and home vacuum cleaners - at different quality levels (micro, hepa…),
  • Development of filters based on customer demand and need.
Our advantage presents the ability of precise and reliable verification of the efficiency of our filters and existing facilities. We can carry it out using our own special instrument for measuring quantity and sizes of particles in the air. We can perform test in the laboratory or at the facility.